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Alphabet aka Google purchased YouTube a while back….  With Ownership comes privilege.    Interestingly enough While Google says they do NOT give added consideration to the links coming from their own online properties –  we think they are not telling the truth.

We decided to put this to the test – and what we have learned is links coming from YouTube most assuredly have effects in the win column literally every time.    Even when doing nofollow links !!!

Our Agency can assist you with making videos for marketing purposes and help you use these as a WIN-WIN.

While the videos can be as simple – or as complex as you want.  It is imperative to remember the videos are on point and worthwhile for folks to watch, listen to and utilize.

One example of how we have used Videos is with a client that has a call-in radio show.   We publish the videos and include links for every show they have.  This is roughly 20 shows per month.

Each show has a link to their website,  Inner Pages as well as various social properties.   We leave these in the description AND of course give a great title to each show that is relevant to what was discussed daily on each show.    We also place a number of links in the description as well.

This action allows us to help establish relevance, authority and of course trust throughout their site.

Embedding the videos on the pages we link to, as well as pushing to rank those videos allows us to ensure a great PR (page rank).

Ask our team how we can help you utilize YouTube and generate Quality Backlinks direct from a Google Property for your website


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