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The company that had previously built and was hosting their website was no longer offering that service to our client and so we helped to quickly build a new website for them, we re-created their logo and are also hosting the website for them.  Their domain name had also expired and so we helped them retrieve the domain name and configured it to work with the new website that we built. 

This website functions as an online CV in some senses for this client.  They needed a tool that would function as a way to market themselves to new clients that might be in need of their professional services.  This website is designed to provide all that one would need to know about a prospective business to decide whether or not to secure a contract with them.  It is simple, clear and offers the option to contact the business if they would like to procure their services.

This website was built using a WordPress theme that specializes in quick website builds and is currently hosted by EverythingsA.com .  Click the “Service Inquiry” button if you would like us to help you create something similar for your organization.


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