Increasing ARPU for your WISP Fixed Wireless Service

Oct 7, 2019 | Business Development, Consulting, WISP | | 0 comments

Many argue and say increasing the pricing for current customers will create a mass Exodus of epic proportions.   


I disagree. For the most part an increase of $10/mo caused the loss of 1-2% of customers across the board – this is helping over 15+ companies do the process.


It is wise however to look at your current customer base for ways to increase ARPU.  (average retail price per unit aka customer)

Few things to start however:


1. First Gain a holistic view of the customer across residential and business units. What are they using, where are they going, what are they doing? then build plans based on the usage. For example – if a business is open 9-5 then offer them faster service during the times they are open. Same with home users – offer them a faster service from say 5PM – 5AM 🙂 Most will buy the New Non Standard Plan for $10 more because they want full-service speeds 24×7


The splynx billing system (and powercode as well) can make this pretty easy to implement.


Don’t Start and Stop going after customers that will NEVER be Profitable. Have your install staff take detailed notes on customers and their lifestyle.


2. Host your own DNS and hook up with a service that will buy the results from you. I have folks making anywhere from $25 to $400/mo just for this.


3. Give me a call if you want to offer Cell Phones and/or Mobile LTE solutions that you can add to the home service. These are great add-ons. Amazing Additions that you can help supply and still make some cash.


4. Become a DirectTV and Dish Reseller. Every year offer the competing product and get paid roughly $300-$600 for the install.
Again – it helps to know the right way to market and do this – Sadly many have looked and only were told one method – and thought there was little to ZERO cash flow in the model.




Give Athreal a call Veronica Perrin is a good person to chat with. They can help not only with some great IPTV options but voip as well.


5. VOIP. – give Veronica Perrin or Daniel White a ring (for both voip and iptv)


6. Hook up with a local computer company and offer a managed service offering – OR even hire someone to help do it. Make them Commission based even.


7. Examine All Users Usage. Those that are very close or those that are limited by say Preseem – get them in a sales funnel and have someone help close them on a higher priced plan.


9. Offer Vanity Domains for email and other services.


10. Charge for Dedicated NON-NATTED Public IP addresses


11. Charge for managed firewall services


12. Hook up with Us @ EverythingsA.com – We can help you using your billing system such as PowerCode or well – you name it – and build a marketing program to help inform them of a various number of ways you can help them use your Internet Services  




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