Effective Employee Communication is Imperative

May 28, 2019 | Business Development | | 0 comments

Effective Communication with customers begins where most folks never consider: in the office, between employees, between stakeholders between vendors long before the customer ever speaks to a staff member, reads or reviews an add or walks into your location.

Great Communication is the foundation of every productive relationship. In fact Great Communication is the foundation of every Interaction with a customer and every sale.

Imagine if employees feel that they are not well informed about the company’s vision, or feel the need to spend a lot of time every day chasing down information that’s vital to their work.

I believe that Great Communication, between employees is an integral element to any businesses success. Without Great Communication the entire process, be it ordering product, stocking shelves, project management … whatever the process is – it is Destined for failure.

Great Communication Mitigates Failure: Think about how many times you have been in a store and witnessed tension between the employees, or even from the employees to customers. Bad Communication is perhaps one of the leading reasons for failure. Generally poor communication or what I call conflict communication comes down to 3 reasons: Misunderstandings, Not understanding or worse hurt feelings.

Before we start any project, we generally like to meet in person if at all possible, if not we perform windshield tours – speak with staff and even customers sometimes so we can learn all about your organization, the employees, what each feel will make you successful and then re-iterate what we have learned with management to ensure we are on the right track to help your initiative.

Are you ready for GREAT Communication? If so – let us know.


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