~ 14 Values ~ 

These 14 values convey the principles that EverythingsA.com is founded on.  We believe that by establishing these as our standard practices that we will be better able to serve our customers in such a way that brings them the most benefit and also brings the most glory to God.  We are a company based on Christian values and believe that because of this commitment we are better equipped to help our customers realize the most potential for their organizations.  These 14 values represent our Christian commitment to our customers, our partners and our staff.

Practice Good Stewardship

Be faithful and diligent with the investments and responsibilities we have been given


Exercise Self-Control

Use wisdom and discretion in all words and conduct

Acknowledge the Contribution of Others

Share the podium with those who played a part in your success

Work as a Team

Individual successes only count if they make the team and the company successful also

Act with Integrity

Protect the trust that others have placed in us and preserve their confidentiality

Benefit the Customer

Understand the customers’ needs and help them reach their goals

Speak the Truth in Love

Resolve issues with the other person honestly and directly, while always seeking their good

Practice Humility

Don’t be arrogant; much of our success is rooted outside ourselves

Accept Responsibility

Take ownership of fixing the problem, not placing the blame

Treat All People with Respect

Every person has dignity and worth regardless of status or company affiliation

Uphold Leadership

Leaders are to be honored as servants to others and examples of our values

Tell the Truth

Speak only the truth regardless of who, what, when, or where

Benefit the Company

Others rely on you to do your part just as you rely on them

Help Others Accomplish Their Goals

Have the same ambition for others’ goals as you do for your own

Founder’s Beliefs

EverythingsA.com’s founders started the company with a vision and core values inspired by their religious beliefs and a desire to honor Jesus Christ by applying Biblical principles in relation to employees, customers, and financial dealings. EverythingsA.com has always been a global and diverse company and employees at EverythingsA.com do not have to believe in any particular religion in order to work at or be successful here. The Founders have always welcomed those of different beliefs and believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect as image bearers of God. The management team of the company embraces diversity of race and beliefs in our employees and customers and the core values highlighted above are central to our corporate culture.

~ Our Team ~ 

Glenn Kelley

co-founder  |  infrastructure specialist  |  digital wave rider

As a First Responder to 9/11 Glenn’s focus from Fire/EMS changed to how he could help the Church reach as many people and help introduce them to Christ.   It was at this time Glenn Kelley helped introduce what is believed to be the First Ever Content Management system used by churches with a project called The Web Empowered Church.   He also led the Ministry Hosting Project called VineHosting also branded as PasturePress.com  Glenn has been responsible for building numerous hybrid networks consisting of various combinations of Fixed Wireless, Fiber, Coax as well as LTE infrastructure.   Glenn has consulted with clients ranging from startups to some of the largest MSO’s (multi-system operators) worldwide.  After building two different Tier4 Datacenters and building networks on every continent but the Poles, Glenn in the mid-2000’s,  shifted his focus from network operations towards consulting with a particular focus on design & education.

Specialties:    Datacenter Design, Network Operations, LTE & Fixed Wireless, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration.

Certifications:   CCNA, MTCINE, MTCRE, CFOS/DC, CFOS/A

Brad Jones

co-founder  |  Software engineer  |  Code jockey

Brad is a highly self-motivated individual focused on results with extensive years experience in various industries and global geographies. Brad is a dependable, thorough, detail oriented software engineer. Brad enjoys helping others to solve problems using technology and is passionate about impacting this world for Christ through the use of his technical gifts. Brad is the holder of an IBM patent in the semantic web space and has leadership and delivery experience in software development and solution support, maintenance and management.

Specialties: Multiple Programming Languages, Computer Markup Languages, Front-end and Back-end Development, Enterprise Software Development, Software Design Patterns, Complex Systems Integration, Data Modeling & Database Design, Software Testing, 3rd Party Supplier Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Development & Management and Business Consulting.